For New Teen Drivers

Getting a Provisional License in 5 Simple Steps:

  • One: take Driver's Education- We offer a convenient online driver's education course
  • Two: Obtain your Permit from DMV:
  • Three: Book and take a minimum 6 hours of behind the wheel training. Our recommendation is 10 hours (The Hills Standard).
  • Four: 50 hours of practice with parents or anyone 25 and older with a valid license. You need a minimum of 6 months of practice.
  • Five: Take and pass your road test and receive your provisional license. We offer road test services, so you can take the test in our car. It is not required, but taking the test in our cars-because of extra break- puts the examiners more at ease.

Questions: Call us at 818-419-5958 for helpful tips to get your license fastest.

Empowering New Drivers

Tips on Passing the DMV's Written Test and Road Test:


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